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In my free time... (what free time)... here are a few blogs that keep me going and inspire me:

1. An inspirational tumblr with beautiful pics and great style.
Que Sera, Sera

2. A very well known lifestyle blog about the most enviable and delightful girl in London.

3. Drool inducing food that will immediately make you hungry and inspire you to cook!
Smitten Kitchen

4. Beautiful girl with great taste. Frequent outfit post that will give you closet envy...
Damsel in Dior

5. Great blog about the simple things in life... makes you want to cozy up next to a fire in an oversize sweater.
Joy Felicity Jane

6. Always fun food posts and an overall really fun blog about a girl from the city and her new adventures out on a farm.
My Name is Yeh

7. This blog by model Chrissy Teigen (Legend??) is a favorite simply because I'm obsessed with all things Chrissy. She is hilarious, beautiful, and a great cook and her husband is kind of OK to... *cough* amazing *cough*.
So Delushious

8. City shots and interesting people this site always provides a quick fix.
The Sartorialist

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